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Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Strategic Research Initiative on Public Policy is to bring together expertise in public policy research from across the university in order to collaborate, share knowledge, and build a research community. Policy-related research at the University takes place in all Schools providing a breadth of research in specific policy domains, for example, public health, law and economics. There are over 30 separate groups and centres working directly or indirectly on policy issues. At the same time there is a growing focus on public policy as a discipline within POLIS, with the launch in October 2013 of the new MPhil in Public Policy and its associated new academic posts.

The aim of the SRI is therefore to:

  • Connect and raise the profile of existing public policy related work across the University
  • Support collaborative research that includes policy development in a range of subject areas
  • Develop research into the policy process at Cambridge such as examining new models of policy development

The initiative is designed to bring researchers together around common themes related to public policy, where we can advance knowledge in policy development, apply rigor to the process of linking research to policy, and test the impact of new research with the policy community.