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How we work

University-wide Strategic Research Initiatives (SRIs) are intended to work across disciplines, to make connections between different research groups and subject areas. Under the Public Policy SRI we recognise that policy problems have multiple dimensions and by bringing different groups and perspectives together we can shed new light on complex policy problems, and investigate novel ways of exploring the policy process. We intend to work in the following ways in order to achieve this:

  • generate interdisciplinary research on the policy process and new ideas for policy
  • produce relevant and accessible policy papers and opinion pieces relating to research and important policy questions of the day
  • support a thriving research community around topical themes relating to public policy
  • hold workshops, meetings and other forums for researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders to debate and discuss links between research and policy. 
Please use our People Directory or contact our Research Coordinator to learn more about the SRI or join us.

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Britain’s Broken Economic Model and Why Brexit isn’t the Cure

Nov 15, 2018

Simon Deakin, Director of the Centre for Business Research and Professor of Law at the University of Cambridge, tells the Cambridge Public Policy SRI (Strategic Research Initiative) why Brexit isn’t the cure for Britain’s broken economic model.

There’s no better trade deal for the UK than being in the EU but the Chequers ‘sticky tape’ may just help the UK Brexit if it still wants to.

Sep 21, 2018

Dr Lorand Bartels, a Reader in International Law at the University of Cambridge, teaches WTO & EU law, tells the Cambridge Public Policy SRI (Strategic Research Initiative) what he thinks the UK’s prospects are of getting proper trade deals with other countries post Brexit.

Will Michel Barnier save Theresa May’s bacon and will historian’s look back on a wasted three months soon after the UK’s June 2016 Referendum?

Sep 13, 2018

Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU Law at the University of Cambridge and a Senior Fellow of UK in a Changing Europe tells the Cambridge Public Policy SRI (Strategic Research Initiative) what she thinks of the UK government’s Chequers Deal.

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About Us

We aim to support public policy research across Cambridge University, working with colleagues in science, social science, the arts and humanities, to apply new thinking to public policy problems and promote research and analysis into the public policy process. We hope to connect and raise the profile of existing public policy related work across the University and support collaborative research that includes policy development in a range of subject areas. 

Contact us if you are interested in joining the initiative or would like to know more.