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Dr Kai Ruggeri is an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Psychology as well as Research Associate specialising in methods, research design and analysis in the Engineering Design Centre. He works on a variety of projects, typically related to health and health policy, though also contributes to other research in economics, education psychometrics and engineering. He also serves as a metrics specialist in the Judge Business School Executive Education programme, an Affiliate of the the Centre for Science and Policy and an Associate of The Psychometrics Centre. He is also an active member of the Well-being Institute and recently became Guest Associate Editor of a special edition on Psychology and Policy for the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

His background is in quantitative research with an emphasis on evidence-based policy, mainly in global health. Kai is Director of Studies and Praeceptor in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Corpus Christi College. He is also founding Director of the Junior Researcher Programme - a global research initiative for young psychologists. In the Department, he primarily lectures in statistics and research design.