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Cambridge Public Policy SRI



Currently I am working on two projects which concern the intersection of the economy, society and policy. 


One project looks at the youth employment challenge of lower income countries, where most young people are underemployed and are in working poverty. Taking a two-pronged approach I seek to understand youth experiences and aspirations surrounding work, as well as which obstacles they confront. Drawing on young people's perspectives on their own work, I seek to assess the structural causes and policy tools available to address this. This work is done in collaboration with colleagues from Cambridge and from the International NGO Restless Development and is supported by funding from the ESRC and University of Cambridge. 

I am also researching Regimes of Austerity: Economic Change and the Politics of Contraction. This research examines the politics of austerity in British and North American cities as they respond to recession, recovery, fiscal uncertainty, growing economic inequality, and changing policy demands.


1. Young people and work in lower income countries. 

2. Austerity in local governments in the UK.