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Christian Bluth

Subject groups/Research projects

Economy and Fiscal:

Research Interests

The overarching theme of my research is to contribute to the design and improvement of political institutions. How can modern democratic institutions be shaped in order to make them responsive to people's needs while ensuring sustainability in the long term? How can modern political institutions be rendered more democratic while removing biasses and systemic flaws? Which political institutions can solve trade-offs in an efficient but equitable way?

I aim to develop answers to these large questions in two main research areas. My primary field is political economy, in particular the political economy of public finances. In my PhD thesis, I look at fiscal rules, their interaction with political institutions and their implications for the sustainability and equity of public finances. In addition, I have an interest in monetary policy, especially of the Eurozone, financial regulation and development economics.

Other Professional Activities

Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Rules
Public Finance
Public Financial Management
Political Economy