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Joanna Miles

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Research Interests

I am a family lawyer, who works both doctrinally (analysing and critiquing the current law) and empirically, and with a strong focus on policy and reform questions. My main area of work relates to financial remedies on relationship breakdown, both divorce and separation from unmarried relationships, and child support. I worked for two years at the Law Commission on its cohabitation reform project 2005-7, and have undertaken empirical research on Scots law in that area, on English divorce settlements, on public attitudes to child support. I also have a strong interest in access to justice issues, having written on the legal aid reforms of 2012 (in particular, exceptional funding) and participated in a large project examining the experience of litigants in person in private family law cases (i.e. child and financial arrangements following relationship breakdown).

Other Professional Activities

family justice 

financial consequences of relationship breakdown 

child support 

access to justice 

legal aid 

litigants in person