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Julian Huppert


Julian Huppert is the Founding Director of the new Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge. Fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, this centre will run a range of events and projects on any aspect of intellectual endeavour, with a particular interest in longer-term questions with policy implications. The first theme to be developed will be the Future of Work.

Julian has had a dual career as an academic scientist and a politician. He served as the MP for Cambridge 2010-15, and worked in many policy areas, including leading for the Lib Dems on Home Affairs, Justice and Equality issues. He was made the ISPA ‘Internet Hero of the Year’ 2013 for his roll in scrapping the so-called Snooper’s Charter. Scientifically, he held a University Lectureship in Physics. His research work was originally about unusual DNA structures, including identifying a new category of anti-cancer drug targets. Since returning to the University, he worked on science and technology policy, and how to use evidence to inform public policy decisions.

Faculties and Departments

Centre for Science and Policy: