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Richard Prager

Research Interests

Richard Prager founded the Medical Imaging Group in Cambridge Engineering Department in 1992. Significant projects have included new fast and accurate calibration systems for tracked 3D ultrasound, the development of a high definition tracked 3D ultrasound system, innovative work on image-based freehand 3D ultrasound without an external tracking device, real-time 3D ultrasound deconvolution for image enhancement and three-dimensional elastography. Most recently, he led a project to develop a hybrid scanner that combines the benefits of both tracked and mechanically-swept 3D ultrasound. He is currently working on novel algorithms for high-resolution ultrasonic beam-forming.

He also has active interests in the field of online education and edits the website that is designed to make high quality preparatory material available to all school pupils facing competitive admissions interviews for university engineering courses. The site contains over 200 technical problems in mathematics, mechanics and electricity with video explanations to help people who get stuck. The goal is to develop problem-solving skills through practice with a wide range of multi-stage technical challenges.