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Sara Savage

Research Interests

My work concerns preventing violent extremism, sectarianism and inter-group conflict through evidence-based programmes that operationalise and measure the construct of Integrative Complexity (IC, Suedfeld & Tetlock 2014). With my colleagues, our interventions have been piloted in a range of countries and cultural contexts, for ages 9 through adulthood, in schools, colleges, communities and prevention professionals such as police, supported by continual empirical assessment. Our approach is multi-disciplinary and multi-media, and includes social neuroscience as well as the cognitive, social and political dimensions of conflict. Our next stage of work includes collaboration with Prof Atta Badii's Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory, Univ of Reading, with the aim of digitizing IC interventions for schools curricula and internet.

Other Professional Activities




intergroup conflict 

intervention measurement 

integrative complexity