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Supporting Public Policy Research at Cambridge

Energy@Cambridge at Philomathia Symposium

Philomathia Symposium

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Dr Ha-Joon Chang is Reader in the Political Economy of Development, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge gave a Public Policy Lecture on Thursday, January 22 2015.

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The Internet of Things Report

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Policy and practice in prisons

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Climate and Sustainability in Multiple Dimensions seminar series

In the first of the Climate and Sustainability in Multiple Dimensions seminar series, an enthusiastic audience gathered to hear Professor Charlie Kennel discuss whether we should ditch the 2 degree warming goal, an issue that he originally raised in a controversial Nature commentary.

Art Looting in the Nazi Era

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Wild Pollinators

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Is English enough?

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David Halpern Lecture Homepage

Susannah Poulton (Dept. of UK Trade & Investment)

Prof. Wendy Bennett and Baroness Coussins


Climate Change Policy – A Focus on Demand Reduction?

New Thinking on the Demand for Energy

Syrian Aid

Eat Less Meat

Eat Less Meat

Stem Cells and Society Workshop: Planning for the Future of Gene Editing

Value of Languages

Value of Languages Report

Inequality Conference

Inequality Conference Homepage

David Runciman

Julian Huppert SRI

Big Data Social Science Page

Big Data Social Science Side

Professor Mariana Mazzucato gives the Annual Public Policy Lecture

Gene Editing Report

Gene Editing Report

Late Childhood and Adolescence, The Educated Brain Policy Brief

The Educated Brain Policy Brief

Post-Brexit options for the UK: combining legal and economic analysis

Reports and Publications

Policy Impact Guide 2017

Policy Impact Guides

'The challenges of experimental government’ seminar series

This seminar series is organised by the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge.

Talking Politics

2018 Christ’s College Climate Seminars: Thinking creatively about climate change

Monitoring the global food system: building trust and resilience for UK citizens and consumers.

Inaugural social science and law interdisciplinary conference: inequality and the rule of law

Labour, Finance and Inequality: The Insecurity Cycle in British Public Policy

Tackling Dementia

Catherine Barnard

Catherine Barnard

There’s no better trade deal for the UK than being in the EU but the Chequers ‘sticky tape’ may just help the UK Brexit if it still wants to.

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Britain’s Broken Economic Model and Why Brexit isn’t the Cure

Post-Brexit Options for the UK: New Legal Analysis

Post-Brexit Options for the UK: New Legal Analysis


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Mar 12, 2019

The Bennett Institute is recruiting for Visiting Fellow from within the University for the academic year 2019/20.

Post-Brexit Options for the UK: New Legal Analysis

Nov 22, 2018

On 16 November 2018 the Cambridge Public Policy SRI (Strategic Research Initiative) and the CBR, the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, held a conference at Peterhouse College in Cambridge on Brexit with the aim of encouraging interdisciplinary discussion amongst academics and further research on the implications of the UK leaving the EU for public policy.

Britain’s Broken Economic Model and Why Brexit isn’t the Cure

Nov 15, 2018

Simon Deakin, Director of the Centre for Business Research and Professor of Law at the University of Cambridge, tells the Cambridge Public Policy SRI (Strategic Research Initiative) why Brexit isn’t the cure for Britain’s broken economic model.

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About Us

We aim to support public policy research across Cambridge University, working with colleagues in science, social science, the arts and humanities, to apply new thinking to public policy problems and promote research and analysis into the public policy process. We hope to connect and raise the profile of existing public policy related work across the University and support collaborative research that includes policy development in a range of subject areas. 

Contact us if you are interested in joining the initiative or would like to know more.